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The Ripples

I don’t know about everyone else but, when I was growing up, I was often told that I was a very small part of the universe. Which is true. If you think about it, you’re one person in seven billion. Then we’re only one out of thousands of species. Within that we’re only one planet out of an infinite amount. So really your issues and your actions don’t hold that much value in terms of the much bigger picture. This is the biggest amount of bullshit you can ever tell people or raise kids to believe. Seriously… what the hell? Imagine telling other people that they are so small their existence doesn’t matter. If similar to myself you had people around me when you were growing up, or within your circle, who had a tendency to make you feel that way, let me explain to you exactly why that isn’t the case.

My grandmother (who is an absolute legend) is an individual. When she was a young woman, herself and her family hid Jewish people in their basement from the Nazis. Her actions as one person helped save countless lives who would have most certainly perished. Those people went on to potentially have kids, who also had kids, did jobs that helped others etc. Her one action created a huge ripple in the timeline of life and will continue doing so. Now I’m in no way saying any of us will have the opportunity to save dozens of lives (I’m hoping it never has to come to that personally) but the point is, one action can lead to an endless amount of changes in the world. In the movie Pocahontas (best Disney hands down and what a woman!), grandmother willow creates a droplet of water in the river by her, showcasing the ripples the droplets create. Change and creations stem from one person’s ideas and actions. Slavery would have never been abolished, the vote never given to women etc. if one person wasn’t the first to stand up and state that this was wrong and change was needed.

It’s truer now than ever. Your choice to not wear a face mask could infect one person, then another and potentially your decision to not wear a mask could result in the death of someone loved. The smallest positive actions you do can have such a large effect on the world around us. The same goes with our individual choice to recycle and better our planet. The effect we as individuals have is actually astronomical. Let’s say your barista is having a horrendous day and her depression is settling in… you notice her beautiful necklace and point out its stunning and looks lovely on her. The difference you can make to that person’s day and mind-set is extraordinary. The same goes in reverse. If you choose to say negative things to people and your actions are harmful, then the ripples you create the course for is usually a lot more negative. Let me say this clearly now, the world does NOT NEED MORE NEGATIVITY. It already feels like the world is an angry landlord, as we’ve been shit tenants and trying to kick us off.

Back to Pocahontas, many civilisations before this age of technology including Native Americans, Mayans etc. acted as one with the earth. They knew we had an effect on the balance of things. Which is why they were so much more aware of the earth and everything around them. The respect they held for Mother Nature as well as their own is unmatched. We could learn a lot from these ancestors in terms of respecting the world around us and understanding the energy we release into the universe.

My point is, you as a person, really matters. The choices you make matter. Everything you do has an effect on the world around you and that gift should never be taken for granted. The situations around us may dictate our immediate emotions and can seem overwhelming but we dictate our responses and the positive or negative energy we decide to put back into the world. You’re special and can make a difference ☺


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