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The Last Supper

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

So, my first panic attack wasn’t exactly a walk in the park, and as they say with traumatic events, we have a tendency to remember every little detail surrounding it. Where we were, what we ate for breakfast etc. seems to be naturally engrained into our brains (well certainly my brain) forevermore! Frustratingly so. That said, the night before I made literally the BEST QUICHE I ever consumed in my life for dinner, so there are worst things to remember. See below the recipe I used, should you want something a combination of light and indulgent… as well as something very pretty to take to BBQ’s and picnics in the park and show off your culinary skills without putting in much effort (maximum praise, minimum effort… win all round)

You’ll need the following;

· Shortcrust Pastry – 375g (ready rolled, again for the maximum praise minimum effort vibe)

· Cheddar Cheese - grated – 250g

· Smoked Pancetta – cubed – 160g

· Chicken Eggs – 5 – Beaten

· Milk – 100ml

· Double Cream – 200ml

· Thyme – 2 sprigs

· Sundried tomatoes – 4/6 chopped up

· Salt/Pepper to taste

Step 1

Roll out the pastry onto a light flowered surface, and roll till nice and even. Line a 22cm flan dish with butter and place the pastry into said dish. Don’t cut off the edge of the pastry yet! The neatening will be done later. Preheat heat the oven to 190C/170 Fan/Gas 5. Line the pastry base with greaseproof paper, and add baking beans. Place on a baking tray and blind bake for 20mins. Once done take out of the oven and remove baking beans. Bake for a further 5 minutes and remove.

Step 2

Reduce oven temperature to 160C/140 Fan/Gas 3. Sprinkle the cheese onto the pastry base and add the sundried tomatoes. Fry off the pancetta cubes and add them into the quiche base. Combine the milk and cream in a bowl and season. Pour the mixture slowly into the pastry base over the cheese, pancetta and sundried tomatoes. Sprinkle over the thyme.

Step 3

Trim the edges of the pastry now to neaten up and bake your quiche for about 40 minutes. Once done allow to cool and serve will a side salad :)



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